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Townlands of Attymass Parish

Click here for a discussion on the origin of the name Attymass.

The 22 townlands in the parish listed with the names in Irish and a translation:

Ardrass - Ardreas: High place of briers

Ballycong - Beal Atha Conga: Mouth of the ford of the strait

Ballymore - Baile Mór: Great Town

Bonnifinglas - Bun Na Fionnglaise: The mouth of the bright stream

Byhalla - Boith Shallagh: Dirty booth or hut

Carrick or Carraig: A rock

Carrowcastle - Ceathreamh an Caisléain: Quarter of the castle

Carrowdoogan - Ceathreamhadh úi Dhubhagaín: O'Duggans Quarter

* Carrowdoogan has an excellent web-site at Carrowdoogan is also where a famine house was dismantled to be rebuilt in New York.

Carrowkerribla - Ceathramh Mic Geirble: Mac Girbly's quarter

Cartron - Ceathrámh: A quarter (land measure)

Curradrish - Carrowdrissagh or Ceathramh Corra na Drisa: The quarter of the round hill abounding in briars

Currower - Cor Odhar: Grey round hill

Derreenabaunsy - Doirín Na Báinsí: The oak wood of the plain

Derryvicneal - Doire Mhic Béill: Mac Neills wood

Drumscoba - Droim Scuabach: Ridge of broom

Graffy - Grafaidh: Grubbed land

Kildermot - Cill Diarmuda: Dermots church

* A brief history of Kildermott Abbey & photographs.

Killgellia - Cill Geile: The church of Geille

* Killgellia contains the Church, the National School & the Community Centre. The Post Office was here but is now closed. See some photographs of the last day of opening. The townland also contains a holy well & the site of an ancient church at Killeen.

Lissardmore - Lis Ard More: Great High Fort

Mullahowney - Mullach Shamnaigh: Summit of a green field

* The is a holy well in Mullahowney

Treanlaur - Trian Laur: Middle third

Treenoughter - Train Uachter: Upper third