Attymass Historical Document Archive
name asc type size date description
 bonnifinglas  <DIR> 01-11-12
 famine  <DIR> 09-02-09
 fr_peyton  <DIR> 01-05-09
 kildermott_abbey  <DIR> 07-01-09 Files relating to Kildermott Abbey
 killeen  <DIR> 07-01-09 Graveyard/Church history
 misc_monuments  <DIR> 08-10-15
 schools  <DIR> 08-05-09 History of Schools
 schools_folklore_collection  <DIR> 03-09-13 Folklore Collection
 st_josephs_church  <DIR> 07-01-09 Material relating to the present church
download  eccles_hist.pdf  pdf 153.1 KB 24-10-07 Ecclesiastical History of Attymass
download  mcaleese_transcript.pdf  pdf 24.1 KB 13-11-08
download  Ordance_Survey.pdf  pdf 79.3 KB 24-10-07 Ordanance Field Name Book 1838
download  Ordinance_Letters_1838_Vol_1.pdf  pdf 59.8 KB 18-01-08 John O'Donovans letters

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